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snow leopard cubs!!!

so my husband and i went to the zoo yesterday, and upon visiting my favorite exhibit, i was concerned to see the female snow leopard separated from her mate.
the male (Coda) was in the exhibit itself, and the female (Tigga) was locked away from him in the cage.
this concerns me because i know how much these two adore each other, i always see them grooming each other and snuggling.
my first thought was...maybe she's pregnant?

so i went to find a zoo keeper, who wasn't sure why either - and also figures that could be the only reason why they were separated: pregnancy!.
she told me to ask guest services on my way out if they knew what was going on. so i did. ;)
this really friendly girl paged the snow leopard's zoo keeper and asked why they were separated and if the female was in fact pregnant. he replied "she's not pregnant...anymore! she just gave birth!"

cue me and the girl jumping up and down and smiling and giggling happily :)

so yes...snow leopard cubs!!!!
as soon as i hear any official news i will let you all know :):):)
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